Steven D'Aprano wrote:

Heh, yes, it's a puff-piece, based on HP's publicity, not an in-depth review. Considering that The Machine isn't publicly available yet, that's hardly surprising.

There's a talk here that goes into a bit more detail,
although still not much:

The basic ideas seem to be:

1) An extremely large number of CPU cores, many of them
specialised for particular tasks.

2) A single form of high speed, non-volatile memory, of very
large capacity, replacing cache, RAM, disk, flash, etc.

3) A high-speed optical connection between the CPUs and
the memory.

They claim to be able to retrieve any desired byte out
of a petabyte of storage in 250ns.

That's nice, but the question that comes to my mind is:
What happens when a zillion cores are all competing for
high-speed access to that memory?


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