> Seems like over the years good old fashioned 
> debugging skills have been lost.  In the earliest 
> days of IDEs (Turbo BASIC and QuickBASIC) I 
> regularly would employ debuggers with break 
> points, watches, and step through my code.  

I do also use a debugger, but lazily use print 
statements, too.  When I use the debugger (in
my case, in the IDE I use, Boa Constructor), I
do use break points and step through my code, 
but I have never used watches.  How do you use

> Yes, it stands to reason that profiling code 
> is going to introduce a runtime cost.  How else 
> would we expect profiling to work?  

I think I was hoping for magic. :D
>  What I do find Heisenbergian are bugs that show 
> up when debugging and profiling stuff are removed, 
> but completely gone when present.  IE profiling and 
> debugging slow it down enough that often subtle race
> conditions are masked.

Would never have occurred to me.  That *is* odd!


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