Simon Dahlbacka wrote:

> Oooh.. you make my eyes bleed. IMO that proposal is butt ugly (and
> looks like the C++.NET perversions.)

I haven't had the displeasure of using C++.NET fortunately.

    point = [5,(10,20,5)]

    size,t = point
    x,y,z = t

    size,x,y,z = point[0], point[1][0], point[1][1], point[1][2]

    size,x,y,z = point[0], ^point[1]    # Not uglier than the above.

    size,(x,y,z) = point                # Not as nice as this.

I forget sometimes that this last one is allowed, so ()'s on the left of 
the assignment is an explicit unpack.  Seems I'm tried to reinvent the 
wheel yet again.



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