On Sun, Jun 29, 2014 at 5:20 AM, Marko Rauhamaa <ma...@pacujo.net> wrote:
> Chris Angelico <ros...@gmail.com>:
>> Threading is a focus of so many myths. People who don't understand it
>> think that threads are magic pixie dust that fixes everything, or else
>> magic pixie dust that breaks everything. Or both, at the same time.
>> Neither notion is true.
> I'm in the latter camp.
> More precisely: threads have their uses but they are used far too much
> and not feared nearly enough.

And as I've explained several times in response to your other posts,
that's just as much a myth as the opposite extreme :) Fearing a
perfectly safe feature shackles you, which is better than falling
head-over-ears in love with something and using it everywhere, but
it's still limiting what you can do. Threads aren't that scary!


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