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A couple of additional notes:

x=int(input('Enter an integer '))
y=int(input('Enter another integer '))
z=int(input('Enter a third integer '))
formatStr='Integer {0}, {1}, {2}, and the sum is {3}.'

When the replacement fields and arguments are in the same order, the indexes are optional. The following works, and might be less confusing.

formatStr = 'Integer {}, {}, {}, and the sum is {}.'


We no longer have a space shortage ;-). The following is easier to read.

equations = formatStr.format(x, y, z, x+y+z)


Compute quotient and remainder with the divmod function.

q, r = divmod(x, y)

Both are computed at once and x // y and x % y just toss the other answer. x // y == divmod(x, y)[0], x % y == divmod(x, y)[1]

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