I have did excel automation using python.
In my code I am creating python dictionaries for different three columns data 
at a time.There are are many rows above 4000. Lets have look in below function. 
Why it is taking too much time?


def transientTestDict(self,ws,startrow,startcol):
        self.hwaDict = OrderedDict()
        self.yawRateDict = OrderedDict()
        rng = ws.Cells(startrow,startcol)
        while not rng.Value is None:
            r = rng.Row
            c = rng.Column
            time = rng.Value
            rng1 = rng.GetOffset(0,1)
            hwa = rng1.Value
            rng2 = rng.GetOffset(0,2)
            yawrate = rng2.Value
            self.hwaDict[time] = hwa,rng.Row,rng.Column
            self.yawRateDict[time] = yawrate,rng.Row,rng.Column
            rng = ws.Cells(r+1,c)

Please have look in above code & suggest me to improve speed of my code.

Jaydeep Patil

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