Dear Group,

In my previous 
post["!topic/comp.lang.python/ZYjsskV5MgE";] I 
was trying to discuss some issue on file writing. 

I got an associated issue. 

I am trying to crawl a link, through urllib and trying to store its results in 
different files. As discussed I could work out a solution for this and with 
your kind help trying to learn some new coding styles. 

Now, I am getting an associated issue. 

The crawler I am trying to construct would run daily-may be at a predefined 
[I am trying to set the parameter with "time" module]. 

Now, in the file(s) data are stored, are assigned or created at one time.

Data changes daily if I crawl daily newspapers. 

I generally change the name of the files with a sitting for few minutes before 
a run. But this may not be the way. 

I am thinking of a smarter solution. 

If anyone of the esteemed members may kindly show a hint, how the name of the 
storing files may be changed automatically as crawler runs every day, so that 
data may be written there and retrieved. 

Thanking you in advance,
Subhabrata Banerjee. 

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