On 07/01/2014 10:30 AM, Skip Montanaro wrote:
This is only Python-related because the package in question (lockfile
at PyPI) is written in Python and hosted (at least in part) on PyPI. I
have not had any interest in maintaining this package for a few years.
I wrote it mostly as an exercise, and while I do happen to use it
ever-so-slightly in my work, its state as of a few years ago is
perfect for my modest needs. Working on it no longer scratches any
itches for me. I'd much rather be out riding my bike. I'm at the point
in my professional career that I no longer want to program at home
after spending all day programming at work. I've tried to find people
to take it over, but so far unsuccessfully. I continue to get bug
reports, some from OS package maintainers or maintainers of
applications which use lockfile. Lots of these people seem demanding
of my time (which makes me even less interested in lockfile
maintenance). Is there a "correct" way to abandon the damn thing?

I'm willing to take it on.


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