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> Hi,
> I am new to Python. Weeks ago, I was asked about Python questions on an 
> interview.
> Now I want to learn Python, but I do not know what I can do with it on a PC. 
> Especially I would like to do something interesting instead of some text 
> search etc.
> Python may can do more than I realize now. Could you tell me something on a 
> PC?
> Thanks,
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Python is a completely general purpose programming language.  It has extensive 
libraries that adapt it to tackle almost any programming problem (with the 
possible exception of device drivers).  Those libraries include several 
graphics packages and GUI frameworks, libraries for doing network programming, 
for performing heavy-duty numerical analysis (number crunching) and scientific 
data analysis, as well as web applications, semantic analysis, statistical 
analysis, and which will interface it to any of several databases.

Examples of well-known Python programs running “in the wild” include YouTube 
and Bit Torrent.

Well written Python programs (that is, those that use Python’s abstracted OS 
services) run equally well on a PC, a Mac, UNIX, and Linux.


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