I have the distinct privilege of informing you that the latest release
of the Python 2.7 series, 2.7.8, has been released and is available for
download. 2.7.8 contains several important regression fixes and security
  - The openssl version bundled in the Windows installer has been
  - A regression in the mimetypes module on Windows has been fixed. [1]
  - A possible overflow in the buffer type has been fixed. [2]
  - A bug in the CGIHTTPServer module which allows arbitrary execution
  of code in the server root has been patched. [3]
  - A regression in the handling of UNC paths in os.path.join has been
  fixed. [4]

Downloads of 2.7.8 are at

The full changelog is located at

This is a production release. As always, please report bugs to

Till next time,
Benjamin Peterson
2.7 Release Manager
(on behalf of all of Python's contributors)


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