Python Developers with Analytical Risk Exp- NYC, Long Island, Wilmington, 
Columbus, Dallas
6 months plus 
* Implement statistical, economic, econometric or other mathematical 
models/code for Client's bank models in Python
* Ability to translate existing Excel / SAS Model implementations into 
requirements and high-performance Python implementation
* Work with Enterprise Data Warehouse (ICDW/Teradata) staff members to map 
variables from their source systems to tables and data sets used by the 
modeling team and to create necessary meta data to document sources and field 
* Responsible for all aspects of data management for the modeling team, data 
sourcing into containers (Numpy/Pandas), Documentation(Sphynx), Acceleration, 
(Numba/Cython) and graphics (Matplotlib/Ggplot/Bokeh)
* Assist modeling team members with questions surrounding sources of data files 
and definitions of data fields
* Develop and maintain report-writing programs used by modeling team members.
* Application Developer (Ad Hoc/Statistical Programmer) with 7+ experience 
years in Python
* Experience with Python programming using Data Containers (Numpy/Pandas), 
Documentation (Sphynx), Acceleration, (Numba/Cython) and graphics 
* Translate Excel / SAS Model Implementations into Python
* Ability to produce queries/tables on request - Sourced from Oracle / Teradata 
* Preference will be provided to those with demonstrated modeling experience in 
consumer and retail business banking
* Excellent communication skills, as the incumbent will frequently be called 
upon to make presentations to senior management and to write documents that 
describe work products in a clear manner.


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