"Thomas Bartkus" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> > Re-train on a new platform,
>> > and re-write from scratch?
> What do you do when an open source project you were using gets abandoned?

cvs import -m "sources for orphaned project" <myprojectname> <productname> 

> Hard to see much difference here.

Doing support for object-only distributions is *much* harder than
doing it for source distributions.

I have a habit of picking products based on technical superiority, not
popularity. As a result, I have a nice collection of orphans. That's
because technical quality has little or nothing to do with

On the other hand, since starting to use open source projects, I've
never had one I depend on fail. I've had some I contributed to fail,
but that's a different thing.

I suspect that technical quality in open source projects contributes
to their attracting people to support them. This makes them ever so
much more attractive than proprietary solutions, where technical
quality seems to be irrelevant to longevity.

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