I got one reply two days back regarding this from Francesco. Thanks.

I came to know that inorder to run any ARP request one need to be superuser. 
Is this correct? And also I came to know that on some OS like Win XP with 
SP2 does not go for ARP requests. Again Is this correct?

In this case How to effeciently detect computers on my network? The method 
which can be scalable and portable...

I am thinking of one method i.e. sending Broadcast packets on my network. 
But I do not know how can i will get the IP addresses return back. I have 
gone thru socket library. I found one function recvfrom(). Does this will 

Can any body give me an idea how to use this??

Thanking You


>From: Francesco Ciocchetti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>To: Sandeep Arya <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>CC: python-list@python.org
>Subject: Re: How to send broadcast message over network and collect all the 
>IP     address?
>Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 17:49:26 +0200
>Sandeep Arya wrote:
>>Hello to all
>>Well this is my first mail on this list. I am facing a problem associated 
>>with collecting IP address on my network.
>>What i thought is to send broadcast packet over the network and then 
>>recieving back the reply from the computers and bridges connected to my 
>>network and then adding their IP Address in a list.
>>How this can be achieved? Say my computer on which application will run's 
>>IP is and subnetmask is
>>How to do this in core Python?
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>I'm leaving from office now so i can not give a more complete answer ... i 
>would use an ARP Request to all network address on your network and check 
>who answer. Check out libdnet (http://libdnet.sf.net) for a python module 
>implementing networking funcions.

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