Anyway, I gave up the 80 char line length long ago, having little
feeling for some dolt

Same to you.

Haha, the language was too strong.  The code I'm talking about is
only going to be seen by a small group of programmers.  The current
trio has all been here for over 20 years.  I'd be more concerned if
the code were ever to be made public.

on a Weiss terminal that for some reason needs to edit my code.  I
feel rather the same about the spaces and tabs, given that most
people seem to be using editors these days that are configurable to
show tabs a four characters.

Any evidence out there that this part of PEP8 is becoming more
optional or even obsolete, as I've heard others say about the 80 char
line length?

Just need ammo for when the hammer of code unification comes down.

Just do the right thing and configure your editor to indent with


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