Mike Meyer wrote:
> rbt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>Many of the world's most profitable software companies (MS for example)
>>have thousands of goto statements in their code... oh the horror of it
>>all. Why aren't these enlightened-by-the-gods know-it-alls as profitable
>>as these obviously ignorant companies?
> Because profitability has *nothing* to do with code quality, and
> everything to do with marketing. MS, in particular, has done an
> excellent job of divorcing code quality from their bottom line by
> shuffling the bulk of the support work off to other companies:
> hardware vendors who bundle MS software, system integrators, and
> customers friends and family being very high on the list.
> That they felt the need to do this speaks volumes about their code
> quality.

whoa whoa whoa!  Discussing goto statements and Microsoft together is 
like mixing dynamite and gasoline.  We don't want this to explode into 
some interminable argument; that's not the kind of thing people like to 
see on comp.lang.python.

Oh by the way, boo has goto statements:


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