* Peng Yu (Fri, 16 Sep 2016 21:31:37 -0500)
> Hi, `set -v` in bash allows the print of the command before print the
> output of the command.
> I want to do the similar thing --- print a python command and then
> print the output of the command. Is it possible with python?

Rather easily. I've implemented it some time ago like this:

import sys

def _traceit(frame, event, arg):
    if (frame.f_globals['__name__'] == '__main__' and
        event in ['call', 'line']):

        logger.debug('+[{lineno}]: {code}'.format(
            lineno = frame.f_lineno,
            code   = inspect.getframeinfo(frame).code_context
    return _traceit




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