kerbingamer376 wrote:

> Hi,

[No need to start a new thread for this]

> I have an object (pygame.mixer.Sound) and, to convert it to a picklable
> format, I can run:
> sound_object.get_raw()
> and to turn that back into an object, I can run:
> sound_object = pygame.mixer.Sound(raw_data)
> Is it possible to use copyreg or something similar so it's done
> automatically when I pickle pygame.mixer.Sound() objects?

Have a look at the example from the documentation:

>>> import copyreg, copy, pickle
>>> class C(object):
...     def __init__(self, a):
...         self.a = a
>>> def pickle_c(c):
...     print("pickling a C instance...")
...     return C, (c.a,)
>>> copyreg.pickle(C, pickle_c)

Translating that gives (untested)

import copyreg # copy_reg in Python 2
import pygame.mixer

def pickle_sound(sound):
    return pygame.mixer.Sound, (sound.get_raw(),)

copyreg.pickle(pygame.mixer.Sound, pickle_sound)

Does that work?


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