I'm trying to develop a tool in python that will allow me to compare two file. 
I know this sounds like it's been done before but there is a catch.

Files are stored on a remote server.
There are three separate directories.
StartupConfig, RunningConfig, and ArchiveConfig

I need to have the python program do the following

access remote directories

run through startup, running and archive to find files with same hostname(do 
this for all files)

once all three are found compare them to each other returning true or false if 
they are or are not the same

however, files contain certain blocks of text that need to be ignored as these 
blocks of text will never be the same.

I've looked at a couple different libraries such as the difflib and even 

I'm not new to programming just have not done it for 10+ years. If anyone can 
help me out with sudo code or set me in the right direction would be nice.

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