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Hi, I have a list numbers say,


First, I want to calculate the sum of the differences between the numbers
in the list.
At least for this first part a little pencil, paper and algebra yields a simple formula of constant and minimal calculation time. I had an intuitive guess and wrote down the sum of differences for a couple of examples,
[1, 2, 5]       => 4
[9, 11, 17, 19] => 10
It works for negative differences as well,
[1, 2, 5, 1]    => 0
The trick is to spot the relation between the sum of differences and the numbers in the list. A few lines of algebra then gave a very simple formula.

As for the rest it's down to code as others have hinted at.
Second, if a sequence of numbers having a difference of 1, put them in a
list, i.e. there are two such lists,



and also put the rest numbers in another list, i.e. there is only one such
list in the example,


Third, get the lists with the max/min sizes from above, i.e. in this
example, the max list is,


min list is


What's the best way to implement this?



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