On Wed, 21 Sep 2016 10:25 pm, BartC wrote:

> On 21/09/2016 05:03, Cai Gengyang wrote:
>> Are there any other data types that will give you type(A) or type(B) =
>> <class 'bool'> besides True and False?
> No types but any variable or expression containing True or False will be
> a bool type (or class bool):

"Containing" True or False? Certainly not:

py> type( [1, 2, True] )
<class 'list'>
py> type( False or 99 )
<class 'int'>

Based on your examples, I think you mean any expression *evaluating to* True
or False will be a bool. Um, yeah, of course it will. Because it evaluates
to one of the only two bool values, True or False.

>   A = 10<20
>   print (type(A))      =>  <class 'bool'>

That's because the value of A is True.

>   print (10<20)        =>  True
>   print (type(10<20))  =>  <class 'bool'>

10<20 shouldn't be thought of as some alternative value which is a bool, any
more than we should think of 1+1 as being a different value to 2.

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