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> 1. I had to turn on <TAB> highlighting to catch mixed indent (which is a 
> good thing anyways so this was resolved - not sure how tabs got in 
> anyhow)

The EditorConfig system is a growing consensus for configuring a code
base to instruct text editors not to mangle it. See the EditorConfig
site <URL:> for more information.

Sadly, it seems Kate does not yet recognise EditorConfig instructions
<URL:>. In the meantime,
manually configure Kate to only ever insert spaces to indent lines.

> 2. Blank lines in my code within the editor are perfectly acceptable
> for readability but they act as a block termination on cmd line.

Yes. That is a deliberate compromise to make it easy to write code
interactively at the interactive prompt.

> I get:
>  IndentationError: unexpected indent
> How do i deal with this - what's the best way to achieve what I'm
> trying to do.

Since you are writing code into a module file, why not just run the
module from that file with the non-interactive Python interpreter?

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