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# I created a platform class with different method in a file
> # and making it as a package.
class platform:
    def connect(self):
        # connect device
    def destroy(self):
        # destroy device
    def config(self, command):
        # Send command to configure device
    def show(self, command):
        # check device health

Now person who wants to write a script using above package can simply
> use below approach. Which does not make him to have knowledge in python.

DUT = platform()
DUT connect
DUT config {commands}
DUT show {commands}
DUT destroy

But I know this is not easy to do in python.

Actually, as long as args (commands) continue to be space separated, it is. One way would be to add the following after the class statement.

def execute(file):
    with open(file) as f:
        ns = {}
        for line in f:
             if '=' in line:
                 exec(line, ns)
                 fields = line.split()
                 exec('%s.%s(*%s)' %
                      (fields[0], fields[1], fields[2:]), nd)

if __name__ = __main__:
    import sys
If the module is platform.py, then the command line usage would be
> platform <script>

To test, temporarily put print('connect'), etc, in each method.

If only one platform instance can exist at a time, then users need not name it and repeatedly use it.

Terry Jan Reedy


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