On 10/13/2016 02:19 AM, meInvent bbird wrote:
> is it possible to git pull a part of directory such as sched
> and compile this subdirectory and pycparser it?

I'm sure you could but it wouldn't help you.  The parts of the kernel
are modular but you can't compile them without configuring the whole
source tree.  Configuration is stored in header files farther up the
tree, generated by the configuration process.  Once the kernel source
tree is configured (make menuconfig), you can, of course, just build a
particular directory, such as sched.  But as you can see from your trial
run, there are a lot of header file dependencies.

Why are you trying to use the linux kernel? That's one of the largest
and most complicated projects in the world.  Why not start with a
simple, one-file C program?

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