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> Python's "standard" (and bundled on most platforms) UI tookkit is TCL/TK. 
> However, this has A LOT of drawbacks:
> * It's eyesore on a lot of platforms
> * It's non-pythonic
> * It just flat out fails on some desktop environments
> * On linux it requires X, however lots of distros are now using wayland
> and so on.
> I think python needs a new "standard" UI toolkit.
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Okay. What else do you suggest?

* PyQt/PySide requires massive Qt packages, and has licensing issues.
* GTK looks bad outside of GNOME.
* wxPython claims to be back to development, but it wasn’t for the past 2 years.
* Kivy doesn’t even try to feel native anywhere.

I think we’ve just run out of reasonable cross-platform GUI libraries
for Python… You are free to use any of those four, though (or anything
less cross-platform). You don’t have to use Tkinter if you don’t like
it. And it’s not a hard requirement on many Linux distributions.

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