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> c="abcdefghijk"
> len=len(c)
> n is a int sb=[[] for i in range(n)]
>     while (i < len) {
>         for (int j = 0; j < n && i < len; j++)
>             sb[j].append(c[i++]);
>         for (int j = n-2; j >= 1 && i < len; j--) //
>             sb[j].append(c[i++]);
>     }
> How to translate to python? I tried but my python code is really stupid

show your python code,
does it at least get the right results
if so you may get better feed back on how to imporve it

also as other has suggested try detailing the actual problem & working on 
that rather than trying to translate an existing solution 

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