This course will help you to expertise the usage of Python in Data Science 

Why should you take this Training Course?

Data Science skills are in huge demand with enterprises ready to pay big 
salaries to the right candidates with in-depth expertise. Python is a 
general-purpose programming language that can be used extensively in the Big 
Data domain. This Combo Course will help you understand the versatility of 
Python and provide extensive learning in the Python Libraries and tools to work 
in Big Data analytics. Getting your dream job in the Data Science domain is 
easier with this Training Course.

What you will learn in this Training Course?

    Learn the concepts of Python and Data Science
    Understand data discovery using Python
    Analytical and Statistical methods to work with data
    OOP concepts, looping functions, and Regular Expressions
    Python for creating data models and business algorithms
    Extensive use of Python libraries for data analysis
    Perform web scraping using Python
    Integrate Python with Spark and MapReduce
    Work on real-time projects to gain extensive experience.

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