Hi all,

I have just started python coding  and have ran into my first brick wall.  Can 
some one please assist me with the following query  ?

 I have two Matrices:
1 – masterMatrix – A 2d matrix containing items in the rows and time as the 
columns column headers (time beginning from 00:00 to 23:45 at every 15 minutes 
interval (96 columns e.g. 00:00 | 00:15 . . . .23:45). this matrix provides a 
value of each item in the list a every 14 minutes. 

2 – subMatrix – A matrix which has to be populate based on selected items and 
times from masterMatrix 

What would be the fastest way to first initialise the subMatrix  and populate 
the workingTable based on the matching values in masterTable.

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