Am Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017 07:13:51 UTC+2 schrieb Rustom Mody:
> Of late there has been an explosion of spam
> Thought it was only a google-groups (USENET?) issue and would be barred from 
> the mailing list.
> But then find its there in the mailing list archives as well
> Typical example: 
> What gives??
> On a different note this problem seems to be peculiar to comp.lang.python
> via google-groups and is absent on ½ dozen other google groups I see.
> Since spammers are unlikely to be choosy about whom they spam:
> Tentative conclusion: Something about the USENET-ML gateway is more leaky
> out here than elsewhere

What i do is to "install" the bookmarklet "Jquerify" from, open the developer tools 
(i use Google Chrome), go to the console and paste the following javascript: 
$('tr > td > div > div > div > div > div > div > div:contains("Case Solution"), 
div:contains("Test Banks")').closest("tr").hide(); $('tr > td > div > div > div 
> div > div > div > a').each(function(){if($(this).text().length > 100) 

This hides all the posts from "Case Solution" and "Test Banks" and all posts 
with a subject length > 100. Rerun the code to hide more, not elegant but 
helpful (at least for me :) )
best regards,

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