On Wed, 9 Aug 2017 07:12 pm, Chris Warrick wrote:

> So, I started by writing my opinion of those recommendations, and that
> the “community” is very small (<1k Twitter followers, 2.7k Facebook
> likes). But then I went to the “About Us” page, and found your name
> and your profile picture there. Native advertising is evil and rude.
> You made it sound as if you were an user, genuinely looking for help
> in learning Python. But in reality, you just want people to visit your
> website, get ad revenue and potentially get people to join your
> community.
> Shame on you.

Why is this shameful? Why shouldn't people make money from their Python
expertise, if they can? Do you oppose people who get paid to program in Python?

If you're opposed to advertising, use an ad blocker, or just avoid the site.

So long as the website isn't *exploitative* (ripping off other people's content
without providing any added value) there is nothing wrong with promoting it
here. It is on-topic, and if it provides some added value (not just a link
farm), doesn't serve malware, then let it compete for eyeballs and hearts and
minds on its merits.

> Your top recommendation is the worst Python tutorial in existence.
> Learn Python The Hard Way is not worth the $30 price tag.

Well, that's one opinion. I also happen to agree with it.

I don't understand why "The Hard Way" books have such a devoted following.
Perhaps it is a programmer's machismo thing -- if programming is hard to do,
then it should be hard to learn as well.

> You also have a lot of Python 2 content on the site. Content that
> teaches a legacy language.

Python 2 is the same language as Python 3. Let's not spread FUD that they are
different languages. They are minor variant dialects of the same language.

“Cheer up,” they said, “things could be worse.” So I cheered up, and sure
enough, things got worse.


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