To answer my own question:

- You can convert a firebird 1.5 database into 2.5 with this tool:

- You can install firebird 2.5 instead of 1.5. Old BDE based program
will still work with it, because the Firebird 2.5 server can talk with a
1.5 client.

- The official fdb module ( right now at
version 1.7) can be used from Python 3, and it works with Firebird 2.5

Problem solved!

>   Hi!
> I have an old HIS program written in Delphi. It uses Firebird 1.5
> database. I need to make an interface to exchange data with other
> healthcare providers. I do not want to do this in Delphi, that is
> ancient code. It is also not an option to rewrite the whole program from
> scratch. I just need to add a service that runs in the background and
> sends/receives data.
> Is it possible to somehow connect and use firebird 1.5 database from
> Python 3? I have tried kinterbasdb with no luck. There are a number of
> firebird libraries out there, but none of them seems to support firebird
> 1.5.
> Does anyone know a library that can do this?
> Thanks,
>    Laszlo


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