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On the official python site, it is possible to download python 3.4.4 here:


There are binary installation files for Windows. But Python 3.4.4 is two
years old. There is 3.4.7 that was just released, but there are no


There is a note on that page: "Also, Python 3.4.7 has only been released
in source code form; no more official binary installers will be produced
for Python 3.4.".

Is there a way to download a binary installer from another site?
Compiling it by myself seems to be a big pain.



Is there any reason not to upgrade to Python 3.7? For which binary installers are available?

I think the general philosophy, is that the security updates to the older releases are supplied only in source form so that there is an available path for people that must stay with those older releases to stay secure, but that the pain of doing the compiles is a tradeoff versus the pain of upgrading to newer versions which also include the security fixes, but are more interesting to support going forward in time.

You get to decide which is more painful, and which path to take.

Personally, I highly recommend keeping your code updated to work with the latest version of Python; I find that relatively straightforward for my own code, as few incompatibilities are introduced in newer versions of Python, and only a small subset of those actually have ever affected my code.

Cheers, Glenn

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