On Tue, 14 Nov 2017 00:44:18 -0500, Andrew Z wrote:

> Hello,
>  i wonder how do i get the "for" and "if" to work against a dictionary
>  in
> one line?
> basically i want to "squeeze":
>  dct= [ 1 : "one", 2:"two", 3:"three"]
>  for k, val in dct:
>    if k >= 2:
>       # do magnificent things
> Thank you AZ

why the need to single line it?
is your computer running out of new line & space characters?
it probably could be done with a dictionary comprehension but will that 
make things easier or harder to read/understand?

"Readability counts"

(Presuming for the sake of argument that it's even *possible* to design
better code in Perl than in C.  :-)
    -- Larry Wall on core code vs. module code design

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