> I already did that

Peter's suggestion was quite different from the code you first
presented. So, I am not understanding what you mean by “I already did

Can you:

* Reply with your responses interleaved with the quote text
  so that your message reads like a proper discussion. (This message is
  an example of that.)

* Show the code you wrote where you “already did that”, and say what
  happened different from what you expected.

> but now I need to make a multi-dimensional array for reading all
> variables (5 in this case) at one x-axis

From what I can tell, that's exactly what Peter's example shows: you get
a multi-dimensional array, with all the named variables “RF”, “P1”,
“P2”, and so on, addressible by name.

That should allow you to directly operate on that multi-dimensional
array by naming the variables.

> I am not getting how to bring all variables at one axis (e.g. at
> x-axis)?

I don't understand what you mean by that; all the variables are present
in the array.

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