I want to know abspath of python script followed by steps below.

   1. *built it to byte code by py_compile.*
   2. *execute it to check abspath.*

But I got *2 results* when I execute it.I found the *results based on the
path of script* followed by py_compile.

Here is my script test.py :

import osimport inspect
print os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(inspect.getfile(inspect.currentframe())))

Build it with py_compile, then got 2 results when I enter *different path
of test.py*:

*enter the folder and compile with only script name.*

[~]cd /usr/local/bin/[/usr/local/bin/]python -m py_compile
test.py[/usr/local/bin/]cd ~[~]python

*In other folder and compile with absolute script name.*

[~]python -m py_compile /usr/local/bin/test.py[~]python

how come got 2 different results?

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