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Why do you care about the 50 million calls? That's crazy -- the important
thing is *calculating the Fibonacci numbers as efficiently as possible*.

If you are writing practical programs, that's true.  But the Julia
benchmarks are not practical programs; they are designed to compare
the performance of various language features across a range of

If that were so, then the comparison should use the fastest *Python* implementation. Which is what the article discussed here did. But the comparison is a lie when the comparison is compiled machine code versus bytecode interpreted by crippled cpython*. And people use this sort of benchmark to choose a language for *practical programs*, and don't know that they are not seeing *Python* times, but *crippled cpython* times.

* Python has an import statement. But 'comparisons' disallow 'import numpy', a quite legal Python statement, and similar others. The ability to import Python wrappers of Fortran and C libraries is part of the fundamental design of cpython. It is a distributed project.

The fact that numerical python, numarray, and now numpy are distributed separately, in spite of proposals to include them, syntax additions for their benefit, and their overwhelming usefullness, is a matter of social and administrative convenience, not necessity. There is also a proposal, which I consider likely to happen, to enhance the cpython Windows and Mac installers by making installation of numpy and other great 'external' modules selectable options.

It takes just 2 or 3 legal Python lines that do run with cpython as installed to make 'import numpy' work, without resorting to subprocess (though that is *also* legal python:

from ensurepip import bootstrap; bootstrap()  # only if needed
from pip import main
main(['install', 'numpy'])
<wait 70 seconds>
>>> import numpy
>>> dir(numpy)
['ALLOW_THREADS', 'AxisError', 'BUFSIZE', 'CLIP', 'ComplexWarning',
'vstack', 'warnings', 'where', 'who', 'zeros', 'zeros_like']

So, given a realistic number-crunching benchmark that take at least several minutes, one could add those two lines at the top and be off

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