On Friday, March 2, 2018 at 12:27:17 PM UTC-8, Lawrence D’Oliveiro wrote:
> On Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 6:42:05 AM UTC+13, bsfer...@avnera.com wrote:
> > ...
> >   File "/nfs/home/myuser/lfs/sources/Python-3.6.4/Lib/shutil.py", line 476, 
> > in rmtree
> > ...
> NFS trouble?
> I have had builds give trouble when done on directories mounted via NFS, yet 
> work perfectly on local directories.

Hmm. That could very well be the case. I know the /home directory is NFS 
mounted, though not sure about /tmp.

I'm starting to get the impression that everything is actually OK, and that 
these errors are only on the cleanup after installation. Even with the meson 
install. This bugs.python.org/issue23346 bug got me in the right path. When I 
comment out the _use_fd_functions line that ends up setting it to True and 
replace it with a direct assignment to False, everything works ok. The rmtree 
function instead returns _rmtree_unsafe(path, onerror) when _use_fd_functions 
is false and that eliminates the error I was seeing.

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