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On 3/16/14 5:07 AM, Chris “Kwpolska” Warrick wrote:
Why not use the mailing list instead?  It’s a much easier way to
access this place.

I prefer to 'pull' rather than receive the 'push'.

The newsreader idea is better because threading works better, and
because the interface is simpler. I don't know, just preference
I guess.

I use mutt for email. Great threading support. My usenetness has mostly lapsed, but I used to funnel groups into my mail filer, read with mutt (same tool for news and mail!), and have a script for sendmail which intercepted group.name@usenet and send that via NNTP (obviously my puller inserted those addresses in the pull).

What are most active pythoniacs doing with this these days?

I use the mailing lists and mutt for reading.

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