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On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 5:59 PM, Rhodri James <rho...@kynesim.co.uk> wrote:

On 13/06/18 09:08, Ganesh Pal wrote:

   Hi Team,

I wanted to parse a file and extract few feilds that are present after "="
in a text file .

Example , form  the below line I need to extract the values present after
--struct =, --loc=, --size= and --log_file=

Sample input

line = '06/12/2018 11:13:23 AM python toolname.py  --struct=data_block
--log_file=/var/1000111/test18.log --addr=None --loc=0 --mirror=10
--path=/tmp/data_block.txt size=8'

Did you mean "--size=8" at the end?  That's what your explanation implied.
How's this? (Supposing that the values contain no spaces):

>>> regex = re.compile (r"--(struct|loc|size|mirror|log_file)\s*=\s*([^\s]+)")
>>> regex.findall (line)
[('struct', 'data_block'), ('log_file', '/var/1000111/test18.log'), ('loc', '0'), ('mirror', '10')]


Yes James you got it right ,  I  meant  "--size=8 " .,

Hi Team,

I played further with python's re.findall()  and  I am able to extract all
the required  fields , I have 2 further questions too , please suggest

Question 1:

  Please let me know  the mistakes in the below code and  suggest if it  can
be optimized further with better regex

# This code has to extract various the fields  from a single line (
assuming the line is matched here ) of a log file that contains various
values (and then store the extracted values in a dictionary )

import re

line = '06/12/2018 11:13:23 AM python toolname.py  --struct=data_block
--log_file=/var/1000111/test18.log --addr=None --loc=0 --mirror=10
--path=/tmp/data_block.txt --size=8'

#loc is an number
r_loc = r"--loc=([0-9]+)"
r_size = r'--size=([0-9]+)'
r_struct = r'--struct=([A-Za-z_]+)'
r_log_file = r'--log_file=([A-Za-z0-9_/.]+)'

if re.findall(r_loc, line):
    print re.findall(r_loc, line)

if re.findall(r_size, line):
    print re.findall(r_size, line)

if re.findall(r_struct, line):
    print re.findall(r_struct, line)

if re.findall(r_log_file, line):
    print re.findall(r_log_file, line)

root@X1:/Play_ground/SPECIAL_TYPES/REGEX# python regex_002.py

Question 2:

I  tried to see if I can use  re.search with look behind assertion , it
seems to work , any comments or suggestions


import re

line = '06/12/2018 11:13:23 AM python toolname.py  --struct=data_block
--log_file=/var/1000111/test18.log --addr=None --loc=0 --mirror=10
--path=/tmp/data_block.txt --size=8'

match = re.search(r'(?P<loc>(?<=--loc=)([0-9]+))', line)
if match:
    print match.group('loc')

o/p: root@X1:/Play_ground/SPECIAL_TYPES/REGEX# python regex_002.py


I  want to build  the sub patterns and use match.group() to get the values
, some thing as show below but it doesn't seem to work

match = re.search(r'(?P<loc>(?<=--loc=)([0-9]+))'
                   r'(?P<size>(?<=--size=)([0-9]+))', line)
if match:
    print match.group('loc')
    print match.group('size')



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