On Sun, Jul 16 2023 at 03:58:07 PM, Peter Slížik <peter.sli...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I finally had a look at the pathlib module. (Should have done it long ago,
> but anyway...). Having in mind the replies from my older thread (File
> system path annotations), what is the best way to support all possible path
> types?
> def doit(path: str | bytes | os.PathLike):
> match path:
> case str() as path:
> print("string")
> case bytes() as path:
> print("bytes")
> case os.PathLike() as path:
> print("os.PathLike")
> Should I branch on the individual types or is there a more elegant way?

Depends on what you need to do with the path.  The best way, imo, is to
simply use pathlib.Path and ignore the existence of other path
representations.  If input is coming from elsewhere, convert it to
pathlib.Path as early as possible.  In the main body of your code, it
should be able to rely on all paths being Path objects.

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