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      >    This is more related to Postgresql than to Python, I hope this is
      >    I want to measure Postgres queries N times, much like Python timeit
      >    (https://docs.python.org/3/library/timeit.html). I know about
      >    ANALYZE and psql \timing, but there's quite a bit of variation in
      >    times. Is there a timeit-like function in Postgresql?

      Why not simply call it n times from Python?

      (But be aware that calling the same query n times in a row is likely to
      unrealistically fast because most of the data will already be in

    Thanks, I'll give this a shot. Hopefully the caching is not an issue if I
    don't re-use the same database connection.

Here is a stack overflow thread that gives a good rundown of ways to get timings from Postgres:



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