For the third time I am trying to work with `PYTHONWARNINGS` filter, and for the third time I am having a terrible time. I'd like to seek your assistance, I have a few questions:

**Question 1:** Does the environment variable only matter at python interpreter startup time? If I set the same variable before python start, it seems to work, but it doesn't work trough os.environ. It does appear to be hinted at in the docs, but imho not clear enough.

**Question 2:** Why do the following filters not work for filtering `urllib3.exceptions.InsecureRequestWarning`

- `PYTHONWARNINGS=ignore:::urllib3.exceptions`

- `PYTHONWARNINGS=ignore:::urllib3`

- `PYTHONWARNINGS=ignore:::urllib3.exceptions`

- `PYTHONWARNINGS=ignore::urllib3.exceptions.InsecureRequestWarning`

None of these filter the warning. The last one has the audacity to complain about "invalid module name: 'urllib3.exceptions'" which is very confusing to me, given that that specific module is fully importable during runtime, which I have tested. The only one I managed to get working is `ignore:Unverified`, where "Unverified" is the first word of the actual message, however I truly strongly dislike this solution.

Thank you for any help,



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