On 15/01/24 1:54 pm, dn wrote:
Soon after, Wirth simplified rather than expanded, and developed Pascal.

Before Pascal there was Algol-W, which Wirth invented as a rebellion
against how complicated Algol 68 was becoming.

When I first saw this I was stunned, then attracted to its simplicity, but then steered-away once realised that it needed 'more' to cope with 'the outside world'.

Pascal was intended as a teaching language, and as such it was lacking
in practicality in a few spots. But it didn't need much tweaking to
make it a very useful language. UCSD Pascal, Turbo Pascal, Delphi, etc.
enjoyed a lot of popularity. A variant of UCSD was the main language
for Macintosh application development for a number of years.


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