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So I am trying to build a binary tree hierarchy given numerical elements
serving for its leaves (last level of the tree to build). From the leaves I
want to randomly create a name for the higher level of the hierarchy and
assign it to the children elements. For example: if the elements inputted
are `0,1,2,3` then I would like to create firstly 4 elements (say by random
giving them a label composed of a letter and a number) then for the second
level (iteration) I assign each of 0,1 to a random name label (e.g. `b1`)
and `2,3` to another label (`b2`) then for the third level I assign a
parent label to each of `b1` and `b2` as `c1`.

An illustation of the example is the following tree:

[image: tree_exp.PNG]

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