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> On Mon, 29 Jan 2024, Rich Shepard via Python-list wrote:
>> No, I hadn't ... but I am reading it now.
> Perhaps I missed the answer to my question when reading the io module. It
> explains how to open/write/read files of text and binary data, not passing
> a variable's value from one file to a place-keeper in another file.

It's not at all clear (to me) what you're asking about.  When you talk
about "files" are you referring to data files? Python modules within a
single program? Seperate Python programs?  Something else?

The phrase "place-keeper in another file" sounds a bit like you're
trying to do templating. There are many, many ways to do templating in
Python -- ranging from literal 'f-strings' to powerful templating
engines that are used to construct entire web sites:





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