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Fine, my toy example will still be applicable. But, you know, you haven't
told us enough to give you help. Do you want to replace text from values
in a file? That's been covered. Do you want to send the messages using
those libraries? You haven't said what you don't know how to do. Something
else? What is it that you want to do that you don't know how?


For 30 years I've used a bash script using mailx to send messages to a list
of recipients. They have no salutation to personalize each one. Since I want
to add that personalized salutation I decided to write a python script to
replace the bash script.

I have collected 11 docs explaining the smtplib and email modules and
providing example scripts to apply them to send multiple individual messages
with salutations and attachments.

If I had a script that's been working for 30 years, I'd probably just use Python to do the personalizing and let the rest of the bash script do the rest, like it always has. The Python program would pipe or send the personalized messages to the rest of the bash program. Something in that ballpark, anyway.

Today I'm going to be reading these. They each recommend using .csv input
files for names and addresses. My first search is learning whether I can
write a single .csv file such as:
which I believe will work; and by inserting at the top of the message block
Hi, {yourname}
the name in the .csv file will replace the bracketed place holder
If the file contents are going to be people's names and email addresses, I would just tab separate them and split each line on the tab. Names aren't going to include tabs so that would be safe. Email addresses might theoretically include a tab inside a quoted name but that would be extremely obscure and unlikely. No need for CSV, it would just add complexity.

data = f.readlines()
for d in data:
    name, addr = line.split('\t') if line.strip() else ('', '')

Still much to learn and the batch of downloaded PDF files should educate me.




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