Thought python-mode folks might find this announcement at least peripherally
interesting since it involves Python/Emacs integration.


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Hi, people.

This quick hello to say I pushed the Pymacs repository to GitHub.  See

I would like to experiment with these facilities for a while.  There is
an issue tracker and a wiki, and I wonder if we should use them.  If
not, better deactivate their tabs early, so people do not get tempted to
rely on them.

The advantages of such maintainer toys are well known, there is
presumably no need to repeat them.  But I have a few cons, that I'd like
to explicit a bit here, seeking for opinions or advice.

All issues and wiki pages should ideally be bulk-copyable elsewhere,
would the inclination arise.  I would not like feeling tied to GitHub,
the same I once felt tied to Sourceforge.  Git gives us the freedom of
having usable clones of Pymacs sources outside GitHub, and the GitHub
copy is just a clone among others.  I would ideally seek the same
freedom for other services.

Hopefully, issues and wiki pages keep history.  Another point is
protection, if any, against spam.  I had a Wiki, not so long ago, that I
ended up deactivating, as I find neither pleasure nor time, really,
playing games with defacers.

If the issue is attractive enough (it surely looks simple), I might be
tempted to upload a few pending issues to it, and I wonder if and how I
should mask email addresses of submitters, or otherwise, and how to
establish some kind of links so I could retrieve the original
information if needed.  My intuition tells me it works more nicely for
submitters already having a GitHub account, but I do not know yet.  I
have a strong point against issue trackers in that maintainers should
never force them upon users, but this implies that maintainers could be
able to easily manage issues coming from other means — email being the
most common.

GitHub wiki, well, that's yet another markup language to learn.  It's a
bit sad each wiki has its own.  Also, I much enjoy the ease by which
Tomboy allows me to maintain a lot of notes, a few of them for Pymacs. 
It would be fun for me to have some form of inter-operability between
Wiki pages and Tomboy notes — I wonder how easy it would be for me to

A final point would be to document the GitHub facilities we choose to
retain for use in the current Pymacs sites, and cross-link everything
appropriately, so the whole stays nice, usable and elegant enough.

François Pinard

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