Jaideep Das wrote:
> I am using emacs 2.2 at work and 2.3 at home for python coding. I want to
> know how can I indent or outdent a block of code multiple times. What I mean
> is when I select a code part using C-space and then use C-x <tab> / C-c-> /
> C-c-< to indent or outdent, this only works once and then deselect the
> block. What if i want to indent multiple times on the same code block do I
> have to repeated this key sequence from selecting the block to indent.

Commit message of latest revision of python-mode.el (note: not
python.el) says:

"When shifting regions right and left, keep the region active in Emacs."

This might solve your problem.

Get it at


or with
bzr branch lp:python-mode




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