Hi Python Developers,

sometime ago, I packaged python-3to2, which is a dependency of 
(Python2 package).
The guess-language is a Python3 package, and runs 3to2 to provide a Python2 
package (needed for w3af).

Now, w3af needs that Python2 package, and I don't want to make guess-language 
both 3 and 2 compatible,
because such change might be not trivial to do and I'm not a Python expert.

So I would like to fix once more python-3to2, who started to FTBFS in testsuite 
with Python3.5 (I guess)


>838974: python-3to2: FTBFS: AssertionError: 'print(*args)\n\n' != 'print 

Does anybody have any clue why that test is now failing? I'm also considering a 
Python bug here, because
it seems a regression to me

thanks for your help,


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