I'm looking at converting some packages to use pip 10.0 and PEP 518 
(build-time requirements specified in pyproject.toml). One limitation I 
need to deal with is that I don't see a way to specify a version pin at the 
time pip is called. For run-time dependencies one can pre-install all 
requirements (using pip install -r) with pinned versions, or you can 
constrain versions of dependencies at install time using --constraint. 
However, I haven't found an equivalent option to constrain the build-time 
dependencies of a package.

I realise I could specify version pins in pyproject.toml, but that feels 
unsatisfactory for the same reason that version pins in setup.py would: 
pinning exact versions is a deployment issue, not a packaging issue.

Any tips? Is it worth filing a bug on --constraint not affecting build 
requirements, or is that by design?


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