Hello everyone

I'm using win32com.client to read data from custom COM Object developed in

With the following code I'm able to read a string result


>>> import win32com.client>>> cstApp = 
>>> win32com.client.Dispatch("CustomLib.CSTApp")>>> string = 
>>> cstApp.GiveMeTestString()>>> print(type(string))<class 'str'>>>> 
>>> print("Test String: {0}".format(string))Test String: Well done! I come from 
>>> COM Object


I've now a method that give as result a VB.Net Dictionary type, but when I
try to read it from my python script I get a PyIUknown type and I'm not
able to read its values


>>> username = 'artur'>>> resultset = cstApp.OpenTaskforUser(username)>>> 
>>> print(type(resultset))<class 'PyIUnknown'>>>> print(resultset)<PyIUnknown 
>>> at 0x0000003C47ABAC30 with obj at 0x0000003C47EAFF18>


How can I read it's data?

Otherwise, which type I need to use in VB.Net to be able to read a Python
list containing dictionaries from win32com?

Thank you for your help.


PS: the same question was posted here

Thank you for your help.
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